Why to Use Mica Sheets as Insulations ?

  • Asbestos Free
  • Saves electricity/power cost
  • Longevity
  • Cost Effective
  • available in various thickness and sizes
  • Easy Available
  • Easy to Fabricate Parts
  • Gaskets and components
  • Available in various thickness (0.06mm -> 50mm)
  • Easy to store

Mica Flakes

Mica Scrap and all mica waste are pulverized into a wide range of selected Mesh Sizes of Flakes and hence Mica Flakes derived.

The quality and grade of Mica Flakes is derived on quality of mica scrap used i.e. temperature, hardness, colour etc. The sizes of mica flakes are made as per its requirements and uses.

Grade Mesh Uses Purposes

Coarse Flakes

2 Mesh Oil well drilling Overcome lost circulation, as a mud additive
    Pearlescent Pigments To provide pearly luster in paints and other articles
    Artificial snow As snow substitute

Medium Coarse Flakes

10 Mesh Christmas ornaments and display materials As flocking material and to provide glittering effects

Fine Coarse Flakes

16 Mesh Concrete block fillers, refractory bricks, gypsum boards, slabs, tiles Reinforced structures provide thermal insulation, fire resistance, sound absorption, corrosion protection
    Asphalt roofing felts, shingles As a protective coating and provides weather-proofing


We export mica Flakes in strong Laminated HDPE or as per buyers' requirements.

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